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Pressure Cleaning Tips

Make a list

Before calling, inspect your entire property and take notes. This will help you explain to your technician exactly what you want cleaned.


Prior to your technician arriving be sure to remove anything you dont want getting wet from your lanai and front porch. This includes cushions, books, radios, potted plants, hanging towles or pool attire and your cat that likes to lounge by the pool ( I promise he will be less excited about your house cleaning than you will).

Maintenance after cleaning

After your home has been professionally cleaned by Premier Pressure Cleaning there are a few things you can do to maintain its appearance until the next time it is cleaned.

*Sealing pavers on your driveway and pooldeck is a great way to extend the life and cleanliness of your pavers.

*Sealing any leaks in your gutters will stop drip areas that cause mold and eventually erosion.

*Trimming any overhanging trees will allow sunlight to slow mold and algae growth in shaded areas.

*Scheduling a yearly maintenance cleaning will ensure your home's appearance and value hold strong over time.




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